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Shatford Centre

As part of our 20th year Anniversary celebrations we brought the Opry to some very special events during 2015 and we're pleased that the great folks at the Shatford Centre in Penticton had chosen us to help them raise some awareness - and cash - for their ongoing restoration of their learning kitchen.

This very special Opry concert was family-friendly and was held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 1:30PM so it could be enjoyed by everyone in the community. Refreshments were available courtesy of Peach City Radio.

You can visit the Shatford Centre here and learn lots more about the building and its history.


MARCH 11, 2015: Contraulations to Rita Lucier for winning two tickets to the show courtesy of The Hat Hideaway - our thanks to Nancy for the support.

Check out the artists who appeared at the show below.

Opry Band   Opry Singers   Beamer Wigley

Marty Edwards   Mikie Spillett   Dale Seaman

Sharon Heise   Erin Kimberly   Cheyenne

Bill Besse   Nikita Afonso   Cadillac Bob

Riata Marchand

Event Pictures

Cadillac Bob and the Opry band.

Beamer Wigley and the Opry band.

Bill Besse

Cadillac Bob with Fred and Jack.

Mikie Spillett backstage.

Nikita Afonso and Erin Kimberly backstage.

Artist Videos

Highlights of the show.

Statue of a Fool - Marty Edwards

Used to the Pain - Beamer Wigley

Hallelujah - Cheyenne

Slow Hand - Sharon Heise

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - Bill Besse

Jolene - Nikita Afonso

Independence Day - Erin Kimberly

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